Smart Sounding Soccer Sayings for Parents

At Soccer Classroom, we believe in the philosophy:

Players, play

Coaches, coach

Referees, ref

Parents, cheer!

Since we certainly want our parents to be cheering (and not coaching) from the sidelines, here are some of our best soccer phrases to help you sound like you hold a Professional “A” Fans badge (no such thing exists…but anyway). You’ll note that all of these phrases are reactionary to something that happened and not instructional in what should be happening. This is the distinct difference between cheering and coaching from the sidelines:

  • Wow! That was an awesome through ball
  • Well played, (insert player name here)!
  • That was an excellently flighted ball. Bravo!
  • Amazing! That was a perfectly weighted ball!
  • Great teamwork, (insert team name)!
  • Amazing save, (insert keepers name). You looked like (choose one: Tim Howard, Javier Casillas) on that one
  • What a move! (choose one: Ronaldo, Xabi, Kaka, Messi) couldn’t have pulled that
  • Great vision – is (insert player name) wearing X-ray goggles out there?

Avoid sounding like an idiot by removing these sayings from your soccer vocabulary:

  • Boom it!
  • Kick it!
  • Pass!
  • Score!!
  • Just wait until the ninth inning!

What are some of your favorite sayings – both smart and ridiculously dumb?

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Jerry Macnamara is “The Coach” and founder at Soccer Classroom. For more than thirty years, Coach has been a player, coach, trainer and administrator. He shares your passion for the game and helping players grow through age appropriate soccer skills and drills. Feel free to contact Coach with questions

12 thoughts on “Smart Sounding Soccer Sayings for Parents”

  1. Good- You’ve got time, You’ve got space, Take him/her on (attacking third). Settle it. Take a touch and shoot.
    Bad- Lean forward, trap it, any call ref should make (tends to make them not call it if parents yell it first) Handball, Offsides.


  2. Our Goalkeeper daughter taught us many years ago about not yelling at soccer games.
    The game is about the players and not the parents at all!! Let them play and leave the coaching to the coaches. Parents should sit back, enjoy the game and encouarge their child when needed. When kids are on the field they should only hear the voice of their coach.


  3. I’d like to add one that one of our parents continually screams for the entirety of the game, regardless of whether the player has control of the ball. “Cross it! Cross it! Cross it!”


  4. “Hard kick!” It seems that some parents think that the only solution to any soccer scenario is to kick the ball as hard as possible. Hardly anything is more contradictory to everything a coach tries to teach kids about playing the game.


  5. “Unlucky!” We have a parent who yells this whenever something goes wrong for her son’s team – it doesn’t matter what happens, it’s ALWAYS “Oooooh, unlucky!!”


  6. We had such a problem with parents yelling at the players that we put ” I play, you cheer” on all their game shirts then on the back of the coach’s shirts we put ” They play, You cheer, I coach” – It worked amazingly well !!


    Comment by The Coach
    April 15, 2011

    Tina – I love it…maybe a few other coaches would love to have a few of those made!


  7. Apologies for the lenght of this post …

    My 6-year-old daughter played a season last year in which she was one of two girls on a co-ed team, so she naturally faced a great number of male players – and routinely beat them. I was proud for sure, as coach and father, but the taunts came from the parents: “She’s just a girl! Get in front of her! Take that ball! She’s JUST A GIRL!”

    I was concerned; she was amused. “Did you hear them daddy?” she’d ask. It didn’t bother her in the least.

    By the end of the season, and a handful of hat tricks, I began hearing some opposing moms supporting her. Girl power, I suppose. Just proves that when you let the kids play, they’ll work it out on their own.


    Comment by The Coach
    July 5, 2011

    Funny stuff, Eli! Indeed, if WE adults would just get out of the kids way…LOL


  8. I have been having silent Sundays at our team games for the last two years after a couple of parents started yelling stupid stuff and confusing the players. After the first week of doing this the boys came to me after the game and asked if we could do this every week as they were a lot less confused. They were 10 years old at the time but they got it. This has help the team to be able to hear each other and the coaching staff if need be. We have two captains every week, one speaks to the Ref, the other speaks to the parents to remind them to just CHEER.


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