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Soccer Tactics are the strategy behind the game. It is “X’s and O’s” of how you will implement offense and defense. All tactical articles will be identified with the green panel of the soccer ball (shown left). While soccer tactics can be explored on a general level, it is best if we examine what is appropriate on each age level as players become more capable as they become more aware as people and as players.

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Fitness and nutrition becomes the top of the pyramid where performance can be impacted by training and is only appropriate at older ages where mastery of ball and tactics, as well as a developed body make sense. While we can all eat healthier and become fitter as adults, it’s important and fundamental to understand that fitness – as a concept – isn’t age appropriate until you reach eleven.

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This is really the core of our work as youth coaches. How do we help develop the necessary technical soccer skills within our players? What are the best drills and where should we start? Dribbling, trapping, heading…it’s all so overwhelming.

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If we strive to understand our players and their capabilities, we are fundamentally in a better position to meet their needs and connect with them as people, so we can motivate and inspire them. One of the biggest mistakes that we make is that we approach the game through our eyes – not our players’ eyes. As a result, we treat kids as “little” adults instead of, well, kids.

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Team Management

Before you even meet your players or step onto the field, you are managing the team. This area encompasses all aspects of the game because you are the director. Not only does this include the four on-field aspects of the game, but also all the things that need to happen off the field: coaching philosophy, team meetings, paperwork, interfacing with parents, quickly disseminating information, injuries, tryouts, etc.

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Coaching Sphere

We developed the CoachingSphere as a framework to help you visualize your role as coach and to cultivate the best development of players and teams. The five areas are: team management, player psychology, technical skills & drills, soccer tactics and fitness & nutrition. Utilizing this framework enables us to easily break down each of the five building block components and examine them individually and in context for the team and the player for maximum player development.

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Soccer Skills

Find Fun Soccer Drills that Will Challenge your Players

Free Soccer Drills
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Soccer Skill:

Freeze Jump

As a foundation for agility, the ability to land safely and effectively is a critical skill to be mastered. Being able to land competentlywhen jumping different distances, heights and angles can significantly reduce risk of injury whilst providing a solid base for rapid direction changes and deceleration. Freeze jump is a simple game that can be played with players of all ages to help them develop their landing competence.

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Soccer Skill:

Balance challenges

A few progressively more difficult balance challenges to help your players develop a solid base of balance and stability as the foundation for safe and effective soccer skill development.

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Soccer Skill:

Movement Based Warm-Up Part Three

These Movement Based Warm Ups provide a general framework for organising and structuring warm ups for your young players, and as such can be simply adapted or modified to include and challenge a variety of different football and movement skills alongside the development of teamwork, co-operation, decision-making and communication skills. Each of the three parts shown here illustrate a few of the large number of skills that can be practiced through this warm up framework.

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