InSideOut Coaching: How Sports Can Transform Lives [Book Review]

When you’re in the soccer business, you kiss your family goodbye in July and explain that you’ll re-emerge around October 1. We’re an insanely busy seasonal business and it takes extreme focus and concentration for an extended period of time. It’s not often that I take my eye off the ball. Today, I took my eye off the ball for about twenty minutes. And, it’s all Joe Ehrmann’s fault.

I met Joe on LinkedIn because we’re always looking to connect to people with positive perspectives and messages. The man Parade Magazine called, “The most important coach in America” is someone I want to meet. After learning about Joe and trading a number of 5am emails with him (glad to see some people still put in “honest days”), I concur. He may be a big, bad, mean NFL player (joke, Joe) turned healing Minister, but his message is on point for coaches everywhere and in every sport.

When his book arrived, I tore it open. Based around my interactions and our shared perspectives, I knew the message in the book was going to be good; I didn’t realize it was going to engulf me. Twenty minutes later, I had read the first chapter and had neck cramps from nodding my head in agreement so much. The lesson is simple: Coaches have the power to transform lives.

I couldn’t agree more, Joe. It’s probably why we lean towards the “humanistic” side of coaching here to make sure coaches are teaching the “head fake” moments; the X’s and O’s are relatively easy and available. The perspective of the impact we can make in creating the best opportunities (and people) from sports is more important than all the rest. I have my summer book. And, even with only ten pages into it, I can highly recommend it. I’m psyched for the journey!

InSideOut Coaching: How Sports Can Transform Lives is available at Go get it – promise it’s a great one!

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