Coaching Advice from John Wooden [Video]

John Wooden, the legendary coach from UCLA, imparts incredible coaching advice – no matter the sport or the level you’re coaching. Here’s a link to his Pyramid of Success that he mentions in his talk.

These are some of my favorite gems:

What is success?
Peace of mind attained only through self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do the best of which you’re capable.

Reputation is what you’re perceived to be; Character is what you are and all that matters.

3 Team Rules

  1. Never be Late & be Neat and Clean
  2. Not one word of profanity
  3. Never criticize a teammate

About Winning
Never mention winning. You can lose when you outscore your opponent and you can win when your opponent outscores you.

The score is a by product of all other things, not the end itself. The journey is better than the end.

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2 thoughts on “Coaching Advice from John Wooden [Video]”

  1. Coach Wooden is a master! I have read his leadership and pyramid of success books and I truly treasure his perspective on working with young players. Great video, thank you!


    Comment by The Coach
    April 14, 2011


    We agree! His lessons of leadership and coaching will continue to resonate for many years ahead. I love his focus on the “bigger picture” of life – instead of trying to win a single game. We share that obsession with him.


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