Technical Soccer


There are ten core technical soccer skills. Soccer Classroom will help you to learn the best soccer drills, which are used in training and developing players. While it is great to teach the soccer rules, as youth soccer coaches, skill development is really the heart of our work. How do we coach dribbling, shooting and ball control skills so our players can compete successfully and enjoy the game? It can be all so overwhelming.

By first understanding the capabilities of our players, we can form “age appropriate” soccer training practices where players can succeed. We explore hundreds of soccer drills within this context of core development and provide tips and tricks for inexperienced coaches to make drills “work” – because sometimes even the best, tried and true drills don’t work some days. This is really the fun part of soccer – teaching the magic of touch!

Youth soccer drills should be the focus of every team because when players are able to control the ball and display their skills, they are can understand the game and play their soccer position effectively.

Core soccer skills: Agility, Warm-Up, Dribbling, Passing, Shooting, Trapping, Defending, Heading, Throw-Ins, Goalkeeping

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