Soccer Skills:



Rule that allows play to continue, at the sole discretion of the referee, when there the team continues with possession of the ball and has an advantage that would otherwise be negated by the referee stopping play for the free kick. A referee may also allow play to continue for a few seconds to see if an advantage develops; if it does not develop, then the referee can blow the whistle and award a free kick at the spot of the foul.


the pass immediately preceding a goal; in soccer, there is one assist per goal


American Youth Soccer Organization – national soccer organization that provides leadership for many gaming organizations throughout the United States



Banana Kick

a type of kick where the ball curves in the air like a banana is shaped; normally used to navigate around an object like a wall or a defender


a yellow card; this is a foul that is found to be excessive or unsporting in nature; two yellow cards is the equivalent of a red card, which forces automatic ejection from the match without replacement of that player

Chest Trap

when a player uses his chest to gain control of the ball

Consolation Match

a tournament game played between the losers of the 2 semifinal matches to determine the third-place team


A dummy is a move that confuses the opposing team to think that you are getting the ball.  If a pass is coming to you and you know a teammate is behind you, simply run over the ball without touching it and allow it to go to your teammate.

Have a Go!

To take a shot