Trapping a soccer ball is the ying to passing’s yang. It goes together like peanut butter and jelly. A great pass may make for an easy trap, but without that ball control on the other end a pass is all for naught.

Trapping a soccer ball can be brought under control by any body surface: head, chest, thigh and inside and outside of your feet. A complete soccer player will be able to take a ball out of air or on the ground and bring it into immediate control to take the next action on the field. A key component of trapping a soccer ball is to begin moving into new space, so you can take advantage of the time and space on the field. In short, you should know where you’re going before you trap the ball. We advocate for youth soccer coaches to promote juggling as a way to enhance ball control. A great juggler will develop touch on the field and be able to trap balls more effectively than less effective jugglers.


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