Soccer Dribbling


Dribbling a soccer ball is the most basic soccer skill and the most important gift you can give a youth soccer player. Teaching ball control is more important than tackling, passing or shooting. Without being able to dribble all other soccer skills are worthless.

How do we give this gift? Players develop comfort on the ball by training and drills. Therefore, we want to create activities that focus on having a ball at each players feet as much as possible. Dribbling drills can be enhanced by encouraging juggling in your younger players, which is an excellent activity all players can perform when they first arrive at practice.

With a real focus on dribbling, players will grow to become magicians on the ball and will begin using their moves in games and to trick the defense and create goal-scoring opportunities.

There are three main components of dribbling: dribbling a soccer ball, dribbling while running with the ball and shielding the ball.


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