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Shooting Gallery

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Soccer Skill: Passing

Ages: U6, U8, U10

Passing and shooting are inherently similar; a shot is simply a pass to the goal. The Shooting Gallery begins players thinking about passing and shooting at a target. The competitive nature of the game makes it a game kids love.

  • Number of Players: All; Split into 2 equal teams
  • Equipment: Cones, 1 ball per player
  • Time: 10 Minutes
  • Setup a field that is age appropriate where players will be able to kick a ball to the middle of the field. Typical: U6=8-10 yards, U8=10-12 yards, U10=15 yards
  • Players are split into 2 equal teams
  • At the middle of the field, there should be cones spread evenly across the field. There should be at least 1 cone for every 2 players.

It's the Wild West and we have a chance to stop the bad guys. Here's the deal:

  • Each group of players is matched up and split into teams
  • For the first round on the coach's instruction, each set of players shoots at a cone - any cone
  • Players who hit the cone score a point for their team; both players can score in a round
  • Subsequent rounds can be run at the same time
  • The team wins who scores the most points
  • Play until teams reach 10 points or are at the height of excitement and can move onto the next exercise
  • To increase or decrease the difficulty of the game, you can lengthen or shorten the field
  • For advanced teams, teams break into 3 groups. Two groups stay on the endline and the third group substitutes for the cones. These players run across the middle of the field, which forces players to pass to where the player will be - not where the player is currently. Teams score for each player they hit with a pass below the waist. Runners score for each player that makes it from sideline to sideline without getting hit by a ball. Once all runners are either hit (out) or make it from sideline to sideline, the teams switch.

Tell The Team: (Remember - stay focused)

  1. Use your plant foot as your "steering wheel" to aim where you want the ball to go
  2. Positive thinking; imagine hitting the cone
  3. Be aware of how hard you kick the ball; not too hard and not too soft

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2 Comments of “Shooting Gallery”

Comment by Coach G
August 18, 2010

I may have to try this tomorrow at our first official practice


Comment by Tony
September 27, 2011

I’ve done this using spare balls because the majority of cones I have are the “flat” style cone.


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