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Rossi’s Challenge

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Soccer Skill: Goalie

Ages: All

Rossi's Challenge is a fun finishing drill that I grew up playing with my club team Leeds United.  The game was named after our coach Gary Ross.   Combine your first power shot and place your second shot in the back to the net to challenge the opposing team!

  • Number of Players: Even sides
  • Equipment: Several balls
  • Time: 20+ minutes
  • Divide the teams up evenly with one person in goal
  • Have all the balls on one post with you (the coach) as the server
  • Have the teams stand in a straight line about 25 years out (each team on one side of the arc of the 18)
  • Have the first person from one team come to the top of the arc of the 18
  • As the coach pass (or roll) them the first ball with some pace so they can run onto the pass at about the 18 to hit their first shot (adjust distance based on age)
  • This first shot should be their "power" shot
  • Pass them a second ball that is closer than the first (10-12 yards out) and try to time it so they must react immediately after hitting their first shot.  This pass should be a little slower so it can give them an opportunity to "place" it into the back of the net.

The Goal of the game:

  • The goal of the game is to eliminate all the opposing teams players
  • If a player fails to make either shot they are eliminated from the game
  • If a player makes only one of the shots they go to the back of their teams line and they are still in the game
  • If a player makes both of their shots they can "challenge" a player from the opposing team.  The player they select must make both shots or they are eliminated from the game.
  • You should be alternating the teams each time
  • Keep playing and eliminating players until there is only one team left who can be crowned Champions!
  • Have the players that are out chase balls to keep the game flowing
  • After the first game have the teams switch sides at which they are running onto the ball from
  • Have one game where they can use their strong foot and another where they must use their weak foot
  • Have a third ball that can be the "bonus" if they missed their first two shots.  Toss them a ball in the air and they must head it home!

Tell The Team: (Remember - stay focused)

  • Make sure they know the first shot should be hit with power and the second shot MUST be placed
  • There are different strategies of powering it to one side and getting to goalie to that side and placing it into the other corner
  • Focus on finishing.  This should be a fun and competitive finishing game!

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4 Comments of “Rossi’s Challenge”

Comment by Jason
June 29, 2011

I don’t understand how this is a Goalie game. You mention the shots but never mention the goalie. Is the goalie part simply the goalie getting the opportunity to block all of these shots and to do so quickly?

My apologies if I am misunderstanding.


Comment by The Coach
June 30, 2011

Hi Jason –

Our system allows us to post a single drill into multiple categories, so the coach can focus on the skill area where needed. For instance, in a shooting drill with goalies, it’s going to get posted in both “Shooting” and “Goalkeeping.” Now, depending on how you are organizing your session, you can use this shooting drill to hone in on your player’s technical skills or your keeper’s fitness and technical abilities. It really just depends on the coach’s need and focus that day.

We can probably do a better job of explaining various components when a drill can be used in multiple ways. Thanks for the feedback!


Comment by Mark Thompson
June 29, 2011


I thought I had this under a shooting drill when I set this up…

However, this is also very much goalie oriented drill and I can guarantee you your keeper will be exhausted after this one. I think a key to training a keeper is to get as many reps in as you can. Seeing shots from different angles, different speeds, different movements. Our other intern Megan can probably attest to this (she was a keeper in college).

In this drill your goalie will have to react extremely fast because after that first “power” shot the next shot is coming right after! Give this drill a try and let me know how it goes :-)


Comment by jordan
November 15, 2011

used to play this game with rossi at practice all the time! loved it, and really helps with finishing


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