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Island to Island

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Soccer Skill: Passing

Ages: All

Island to Island is a competitive game that allows your players to work on their touch as well as serving the ball with accuracy.  Serve the ball to your teammate on a different island and keep it on the island to earn points!

  • Number of Players: Min 2v2
  • Equipment: 8 cones, one ball
  • Time: 30+
  • Make a box about five yards by five yards (adjust based on age level)
  • Setup another five by five box 40-50 yards apart from the other box you created
  • This game is meant to be played 2v2.  With one teammate in each box.
  • With teammates one in each box, one player will serve in the air (or on the ground depending on age) a distance ball to their teammate in the box
  • Their teammate will only have ONE touch to keep the ball inside the box
  • If they manage to keep the ball within the 5x5 box, they will receive a H
  • If the service is not within the box the ball is dead and your teammate will get a chance to serve
  • The same team who just served the ball will serve the ball back to their teammate in the other box.  This will give everyone a chance to serve the ball and to trap it.  The other team will than get their chance after both teammates served the ball.
  • Each time you score you will get a letter spelling the word H-O-R-S-E.  Once you spell the word HORSE the game is over and that team wins
  • Shorten the distance or make the box bigger depending on age and skill level
  • If you are working with younger kids have them pass it on the ground into the box
  • Rotate teams and have a round-robin type of tournament.  If you win you move to the right and if you lose you move to the left.
  • Have one game with their strong foot and another with their weaker

Tell The Team: (Remember - stay focused)

  • This game is all about the service and touch
  • Accuracy is crucial, if you can't get the ball into the box you won't give yourself a chance to score!

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