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Freeze Jump

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Soccer Skill: Agility

Ages: All

As a foundation for agility, the ability to land safely and effectively is a critical skill to be mastered. Being able to land competentlywhen jumping different distances, heights and angles can significantly reduce risk of injury whilst providing a solid base for rapid direction changes and deceleration. Freeze jump is a simple game that can be played with players of all ages to help them develop their landing competence.

  • Number of Players: Any
  • Equipment: None
  • Time: 5-10mins
  • Players work individually or in pairs, standing facing a target on the floor approximately 1yd away.
  • The target can be anything such as a cone, a line, an agility ring, provided it will not slip if accidently landed on!
  • The aim is to jump and land as close to the target as possible without actually touching it with your toes, freezing in the landing position.
  • Both feet should land at same time, ball of foot hitting slightly before heels to freeze with full foot in contact with floor.
  • Hips sit back, knees bend (in line with toes) and shoulders come forward to absorb force of landing.
  • Landing should be soft and quiet
  • Increase the jumping distance (up to equal with standing height)
  • Jump sideways towards target
  • Start facing side on and turn in air to land facing forwards
  • Add a skill to perform after landing eg head a ball back to partner, control ball on chest and volley/pass back.

Tell The Team: (Remember - stay focused)

  • Focus on quality of landing
  • Soft and quiet is better than long and loud!

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Comment by Steve Parnass
June 3, 2012

Great agility drill. Have ued it for both football & futbol


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