What’s the Best Kind of Goal to Score for Your Soccer Team?

Another great goal scored! – (Photo: En.wikipedia.org)

There are so many different types of goals.  There’s the graceful and determined pure strike, seen so often by the likes of Robin Van Persie.  There’s the hard fought, almost angry penetrating blast showcased to perfection by Carlos Tevez.  And yet there is the mazy trickery we’ve become so used to by the Brazilians, namely Neymar in this present day. And of course, we cannot forget the simply majestic poise, precision, and power displayed by world greats such as Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.  But which type of goal truly is the best?

There are countless different ways in which you can score.  Headers, penalty kicks, fortunate lucky bounces off your knee, top corner blasts, deftly placed low corner shots, banging it in off the goalpost, taking the ball past 5 defenders AND the goalie to stroll it right in, brilliant free kicks, and the list goes on and on.  Personally, I do fancy myself a fan of the bicycle goal.  But while such acrobatics were certainly well beyond my soccer skills, they do have a way of delighting the spectators!

But when you’re comparing the flair and unique style of all the millions of goals ever scored in the sport, we lose track of one vital point: they all count the same.  A goal is a single goal, and they all help a team win in the same way.  It doesn’t really matter how it goes in, so long as it does get into the net!

Youth soccer players need to be careful fretting over scoring the perfect goal, and instead just focus on the simple task of scoring.  When you seek that elusive Top-10 highlight reel kind of shot, you hesitate and forget to live in the particular moment or game that you are engaged in.  Legendary goal-scorers like Maradona or Pele didn’t imagine how the great goals they scored would go and plan accordingly, they simply acted in each moment and happened to bag some of the most incredible goals that the world has ever seen.  It’s about doing what’s right to get a goal.  The magical moment will come naturally, and you’ll be surprised even in yourself when that glorious wonder strike comes your way!

But for the sake of argument, we need to determine which goals are the best, and for me I can look no further than the late game-winners, those goals snatched in the dying moments of a game that give one team or the other the big win.  Late and deciding goals are so vital in the sport because they show which team or player had the fighting spirit to overcome their fatigue and all else to claim the victory.  These are the goals that inspire a nation and these are the goals that soccer stars are most remembered for.  And so, if you want to follow suit, be sure to get physically fit so that you can compete through to the end of every match and be prepared mentally and skill-wise so when those golden opportunities arrive to change a game, that you will be capable of taking them!

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