Want to See the World? Become a Pro Soccer Player!

See the world through soccer! – (Photo: En.wikipedia.org)

One of the things that is on many peoples’ bucket lists is to travel the world.  Exotic locations in Asia and world-famous cities in Europe are all dream destinations for many people.  If they are lucky and have saved enough money, some of these people will get to spend their final years in retirement traveling around.  However, there is an easier way to live this dream (and actually get paid to do it!).  It does involve one hard piece of work though: becoming a professional soccer player!

And as tough as the training might be and for how many endless hours of conditioning you might have to endure, rising to the upper echelons of the sport can provide you with your dream of traveling all over the world.  So hang in there and tough it out; traveling the world via soccer is actually not that insane of a goal.

Soccer truly is the global sport, and that gives young players a massive opportunity.  Top talents get to attend prestigious college soccer programs.  With these school teams, you could have the chance to travel all over the country for various games and tournaments.  You many not be seeing the whole world just yet, but seeing half of the United States is a good first step to your travel wishes!

But at the pro level is where your mileage could really increase.  Professional soccer leagues exist in almost every corner of the globe!  Perhaps you have German ancestry and wish to play in the Bundesliga.  Or maybe you want to get in touch with the game’s roots by playing in the English Premier League.  Though if you’re a fan of good weather, perhaps you’d like to play in a more Mediterranean climate like Italy, Spain, or Greece.

And it’s not just Europe, though that’s where a lot of the big time teams exist.  Pro soccer teams exist throughout Asia, South America, and even Africa.  Or if you’re a homebody like Landon Donovan, the growing MLS might just be right for you.  But no matter where your team is based, get ready to do lots of traveling.  Major continental tournaments like the UEFA Champions League in Europe or North America’s CONCACAF Champions League ship teams all over the region, to foreign lands and major cities.  It’s on these sorts of trips that you’ll really see the world, and if your team wins, you might be headed off to a far-off land like Morocco or Japan for the FIFA Club World Cup, wherever the worldwide championships are held.

And of course, for those top top athletes who feature for the national teams, you will travel far and wide for friendlies and major competitions like the World Cup itself, soccer’s greatest event.  Such an experience will give you a broad definition of what world travel can be.  But with so many semi-professional leagues spread widely throughout the world, the opportunity to play soccer and travel is well within reach.  You may not be headed to Russia for the 2018 World Cup, but you might just be traveling throughout England on a Championship squad, or playing up and down the Eastern Seaboard of America in the NASL.  If you work hard enough and develop your skills, you can definitely become a pro soccer player, and it’ll be your golden ticket to world travel!

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