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“The Concussion Question” with Mike Ryan [Video]

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I had the chance to sit with Mike Ryan from Mike has spent the last 24 years as a Physical Therapist and Head Athletic Trainer for the Jacksonville Jaugars and New York Giants of the NFL. The NFL is leading the way on the sports front for examining concussions. We receive the benefit of Mike’s expert, first-hand perspective during this interview. Mike shares with coaches: what is a concussion, concussion symptoms, protective equipment and the use of baseline tests in assessing athletes. Concussions can become devastating head injuries when not handled properly and players return to play faster than they should. Watch this video and learn what to look for in concussions for your team!

Additional Resources mentioned in the video:

Sports Medicine from Mike Ryan Fitness

Axon Sports – Baseline Concussion Testing

Full90 Protective Headguard

Taylor Twellman – Soccer star who advocates for concussion awareness

US Soccer Sports Medicine Information

Dr. Robert Cantu

Dr. Kevin Guskiewicz

Dr. Julian Bales

SCAT2 – Sport Concussion Assessment Tool

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3 Comments of ““The Concussion Question” with Mike Ryan [Video]”

Comment by Matt "Step-Daddy" Dahlberg
October 13, 2011

Great video! Very informative. I appreciated how you covered current research and preventative as well as post-injury treatment. Thank you Mike Ryan and Jerry Mac!


Comment by The Coach
October 13, 2011

Thanks, Matt. I thought Mike was spectacular in covering the bases with actionable information for our coaches. I hope to have the opportunity to sit with him again soon on other topics.


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