A Soccer Coach’s Cheat Sheet to Saying “Great Job!”

It's Good, yah?

As soccer coaches, we’re always trying to provide inspiration and encouragement to our players. Unfortunately, we can end up sounding like a broken record. Finding the right words to individually and enthusiastically tell your players that they’re on the right track can be harder than you think. We prefer to mix a bit of humor into our encouragement as it brings a smile to player’s faces too. We’d love for you to add a comment at the bottom for the creative ways you tell your players, “Great Job!”

Here’s our Soccer Classroom Cheat Sheet to Saying, “Great Job!”:

  1. Now that’s what I’m talking about!
  2. Atta [Boy/Girl]!
  3. You got it – you got it!
  4. That’s awesome
  5. Spot on
  6. Well done
  7. Keep the pace
  8. You’re thinking better than Einstein today
  9. Great move – you should be on Dancing with the Stars
  10. Way to go – even Simon would applaud you!
  11. That’s A+ work today, [insert player name].
  12. Board the plane because that’s first class!
  13. Does anyone know this player? Because last week, [player name] couldn’t do this – well done!
  14. Amazing everyone. Simply amazing.
  15. Astonishing – Have you been practicing?
  16. Incredible – that’s how to make it happen
  17. Marvelous – I knew you could do it
  18. Miraculous – I knew going to church Sunday would bring this team around. Thank you Jesus
  19. Mind-blowing how fast you’re picking this up.
  20. Astounding – I don’t believe what I just saw!
  21. Wondrous – the Gods have touched upon your Golden Feet
  22. Outstanding – we’re on the path to success today
  23. Terrific – you’re smarter than a fifth grader
  24. Stupendous – best work I’ve seen from this group
  25. Superior work – do you think the other team is working this hard?
  26. That’s the way – Uh huh, Uh huh – I like it – Uh huh, Uh huh!
  27. That’s much, much better.
  28. Keep working on it – you’re making phenomenal progress
  29. I like it – that’s the way it’s supposed to be done!
  30. Messi couldn’t have done it better himself

What are your magical words that put a spring in your players step to achieve at higher levels?

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3 thoughts on “A Soccer Coach’s Cheat Sheet to Saying “Great Job!””

  1. These are really good. I’m gonna use these.
    I also make alot of reference to playing like any given pros name.
    Great effort!
    Look at that turn! you made the defender dizzy!
    Way to pressure and make the attacker make a mistake!
    You have what it takes to make your move!
    Beleive in your foot skills!
    Trust me, being in the right spot will give you scoring opportunities!
    Don’t hang out in the crowd. get out in the open.
    Go to the hotspot, you’ll get lots of shooting opportunities!!!! (the place in front of the goal where the ball seems to go. It’s kind of a buzzword I use for the kids to remember what area to be ready in.)

    I coach U-8 right now.

    Thanks for the good info!

    Nick Betten


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