30 Minute Soccer Training Session #4 [OSA Video]

The 30 minute soccer training session #4 is an Online Soccer Academy soccer training session you can do in your backyard on your own time outside of team soccer practice. This session combines agility training, dribbling and juggling for a complete session.

Equipment Needed:
5 cones
Speed Ladder

Soccer Training Session:
0-5 minutes:
Warm Up dribbling with the ball. Start getting your mind right for training. Do moves and exercises as you go. Finish with a stretch.

5-10 minutes:
Jump over ball using two feet, one foot, you mix it up. Do a few jumps then sprint to end cone. Jog back. Repeat 5 times. Rest, repeat sets for five minutes.

10-15 minutes:
Juggle with one foot balancing on the other. Small touches. Go for 30 seconds and switch to other side. If you can’t juggle for 30 seconds straight on one foot try balancing the ball on one foot for part of the time. Besides touch we are strengthening your ankles.

15-20 minutes:
One legged speed ladder exercises then accelerate forward to ball and dribble to end cone. Light jog back, don’t spring back, this is your rest time. Repeat for 5 minutes. Continuing to work on ankle strength mixed in with ladders. Exercises should all be done on leg.

20-25 minutes:
Inside to outside touches on one foot. Continuing to work on ankle strength and touch. Do advanced version. If you are having issues with advanced then use the basic version. Watch our “Soccer Tips — Inside to Outside Move” OSA training video for how to do this.

25-30 minutes:
Juggle using all parts of your body. Maybe go for your juggling record and whatever your high score is for the day be sure and update your record to track your progress!

*If you want to extend the training session time then add on time to any section you want extra work on.

*Make sure to finish with cool down and stretching. If you are up for it add on a few sit ups and push ups!

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Jared Montz

Jared Montz is a former pro soccer player who founded the Online Soccer Academy. OSA helps create better soccer players by producing free soccer training videos. The OSA mission is to teach players that if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible. Sign up to get free access to the soccer videos. Say hello to Jared on Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. Excellent video and demo. Great idea for young athletes. I hope to share with my high school team to help motivate them for own their own training. Thank you for sharing.


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