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The Coach with Rachel

Soccer Classroom is the brainchild of Jerry “The Coach” Macnamara. For the past twenty years, Coach has been involved in the soccer community through coaching and playing while owning and operating soccer stores. His current venture, Totally Soccer sells soccer uniforms direct from the manufacturer to teams and clubs around the country.

While on the fields training soccer teams and on the phone speaking with parent coaches, Coach realized that well-intended volunteer parents had few places to go for quality soccer information. Generally, these volunteer coaches either did not play or grow up on the game – or did not have any background in relating their own playing experience to an age appropriate level they were coaching.

The Coach brings the following experience with him:

  • Certified by the Government as an Expert in the US Soccer Market
  • Held the World Cup as a guest of adidas (it’s much heavier than you would think!)
  • Wore Tisha Venturini’s 1996 Olympic Gold Medal at a Nike event
  • Thirty years of playing the beautiful game
  • Captain of his 2x State Champion high school program
  • Coach and Trainer of both boys and girls youth soccer teams over thirteen years
  • Camp and Clinic instructor experience
  • Women’s College Club coach that transitioned seven players onto the full varsity squad
  • Witnessed the spectacle of the World Cup games for Men and Women
  • Attended MLS Championships Matches
  • Slept under tents while attending and vending soccer tournaments across the country including the US Youth Soccer Championships
  • Previous Board Member and Assistant Director of Coaching at Haddonfield Soccer Club
  • Has former soccer players that cross the street to come and say hello – the true test of every soccer coach

In short, there isn’t an aspect of the game that Coach hasn’t seen or been directly involved with over his soccer career. He and his staff look to bring that experience and perspective to you.

The Coach’s vision for Soccer Classroom is to provide a platform of learning and sharing for youth soccer coaches. He firmly believes that educated, inspired coaches will create the best opportunities for our players to grow and develop. We would love for everyone to participate and share their perspective. After all, we don’t have all the answers; we can only speak from our perspective. Have an idea? We welcome it and encourage you to write a soccer article.

Great Teammates

Like all great teams, this site would not have been possible without incredible assists from a number of people. The Coach would like to personally thank a number of people:

  • To my scintillating Graphic Designer, Allison from Brown Bair Studios: I swear you walk into my ear at night and poke and prod my brain to release the ideas, so you can articulate them so beautifully. After six years of thoughts, you perfectly created the vision I had for this coaching website. Thank you.
  • To my uber-patient, WordPress Website Designer, Adam from soccerclassroom.com: You are definitely my “tough as nails” Stopper back. You took every piece of complexity I imagined and showed amazing grace in executing a user-friendly site…no matter how many pages and workarounds you had to find for me. Thank you.
  • To my former players, coaches and Board Members. Thank you for dealing with my inexperience when I lost my temper and perspective. You still listened to me anyway while I figured it out on the fly as a snot-nosed twenty-one year old kid with a soccer passion. You inspired me to become a better coach and I owe this site to you all. You taught me what the game is all about: having fun and developing players! Specifically, Bruce Bitter, Joe Falana, Clayton Ebling, Jack O’Malley, Soccer Sam, Dave Capelli and Jim Dugan: You are – and always will be – my coach.
  • To my wonderful family, especially my parents, who have been – and I suspect – will always be, my biggest fans from the sidelines of life. For the countless hours on fields, on the road and unwavering support, I cannot thank you enough. For my missed meals, phone calls and family events, I appreciate your understanding and loving me anyway. The lessons you’ve taught this “baby” will walk with me forever. Thank you.
  • To my best friend, Harold, who believes in me – and encourages me – day in and day out to continue to develop interesting projects. It is unquestioned that he is a stronger, better man and person than me…just don’t tell him! He’ll never let me live it down. Thank you.
  • And, to my Rachel, I thank you for putting up with all my hair-brained ideas. Your patience – and knowing when to draw the line – while quietly listening to me speak geek and taking in all of my clicks, Googles, Bings, user experiences, long-winded explanations, plugins, graphics, analytics and “just one more minutes” into your heart. You surprise and inspire me when you are able to speak my language when seemingly no one else can. Thank you.

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